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Africa Energy Week produces some interesting facts

Hydro & wind power facts (From: BBC World Service)

In northern Europe, huge wind-farms account for 20% of Denmark's electricity, studies suggest the African countries with the most potential are Madagascar, South Africa, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

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Inner Mongolia Blows Chinese Build record and is a year ahead of schedule

China's Inner Mongolia achieves 5 GW installed wind power capacity (From:

North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region had installed 5.03 GW of wind power capacity by the end of October, ahead of the government's goals by more than one year, said an official with the local government.

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Rhode Island looks offshore for its wind energy

RI gov to speak about offshore wind power plans (From: Boston Herald)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Gov. Don Carcieri will soon offer leaders in the green energy industry an update on his plans to build a wind farm off Rhode Island’s coast.

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Alaska Looks to windy future

Alaskans look to wind power benefits (From:

Alaskan communities are increasingly turning to wind, solar and geothermal power as alternative energy sources, experts say. Federal and state grants for construction and federal tax credits for existing systems often help cover the tab for the alternative energy, which reduces dependence on expensive diesel fuel, the Anchorage Daily News reports

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Is Chinese wind Co looking for junior partner?

Honiton Energy hires M.Stanley for sale (From: Reuters)

HONG KONG, Nov 30 (Reuters) - Honiton Energy Group has hired Morgan Stanley (MS.N) to advise the China-focused wind power developer on luring a new investor, in a deal that could value the entire company at up to $250 million, sources said on Monday.

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Could Lancaster wind plans put forward

Application submitted for 50MW wind farm in Lancaster (From: New Energy Focus)

Cheshire-based wind company Community Windpower Ltd has submitted a planning application for a 20 turbine wind farm at Claughton and Whit Moor, east of Lancaster, which would generate up to 50MW of electricity.

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India wants to double up by 2022

Wind Power Generation In India To Be Doubled By 2022 (From: RTT News)

The Indian government is planning to double wind power- generation capacity to over 20,000 MW by 2022 or triple it from the present 10,500 MW to promote the use of renewable resources, say media reports.

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Wind gives energy to students and lecturers

Wind farm for Oklahoma University wins approval (From: The Oklahoman)

State regulators signed off Wednesday on a new Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. wind farm being built near Woodward. The OU Spirit wind farm is expected to help the University of Oklahoma achieve its goal of powering its Norman campus with renewable sources by 2013.

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Make a decision - change a decision!

Government to review turbine plan (From: BBC News)

Controversial plans to build 20 wind turbines standing 410ft (126m) tall in north Cornwall will be reviewed by the Government Office for the South West. Plans for the turbines, in Davidstow Woods near Camelford, were approved by Cornwall Council in October.

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Pakistan Power Piece shows promising future

Wind power in Pakistan (From: REVE (Spain))

Turkey’s Zorlu Enerji has installed first three 50-megawatt wind turbines in Pakistan at an estimated cost of $120 million. The capacity of the wind farm may be extended to 250 megawatts at a later stage.

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Haida Hesitation over windpower

Wind-power project fuels divisive debate among Haida (From: The Globe and Mail)

A spit of land that native legend says is the birthplace of human life on earth is at the heart of a debate that has divided the Haida Nation. It lies adjacent to the site of a proposed $2-billion energy project, and until recently, the plan to build Canada's first offshore wind farm in Hecate Strait, near the northeastern tip of the Queen Charlotte Islands, seemed to have strong support from the Haida.

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Wal-Mart Wind Gets Go Ahead

Clipper says Mexico wind turbines get funding (From: Reuters)

LONDON (Reuters) - Clipper Windpower Plc said financing has been received for 27 wind turbines to supply power to Wal-Mart Stores Inc in Mexico.

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Waterways Want Wind!

British Waterways to investigate wind power on the Severn (From: Gloucestershire Gazette)

TWO large wind turbines could be built on the docks at Sharpness if an assessment and investigation find it a viable site.

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Scotland's oil town hosts wind energy event

Scottish offshore wind future set for £30bn investment (From: BBC News)

Investment of about £30bn is needed to develop Scotland's offshore wind power potential, it is to be claimed. The first Scottish Renewables Offshore Wind Conference is being held in Aberdeen's Marriott Hotel on Thursday.

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Government put energy into Battery technology

Duke Energy Gets DOE Grant For Wind-Power Storage (From: Charlotte Business Journal)

Duke Energy has gotten a $22 million stimulus grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to install large-scale batteries at its 151-megawatt Notrees wind farm in Texas.

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Seems every area is keen to get in on wind power opportunities

Turbine opportunity blows in (From: NEBusiness)

A £4.4m Government grant for the US company’s Britannia Project earlier this year could bring manufacturing to the North-east - and unlock huge contract potential for the Tees Valley’s burgeoning offshore wind supply chain.

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Damning piece on green power costs

Paying Extra for Green Power, and Getting Ads Instead (From: New York Times)

“It’s about what’s good for the planet,” said Mark Renfrow, a Dallas homeowner who this summer began paying an extra $26 or so a month to his electric company, Direct Energy, for 100 percent wind power.

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Nice contract win by Skykon

Skykon Tower Solutions wins Clyde wind farm deal (From: WindTech International)

Skykon Tower Solutions has won the contract to supply towers for the Clyde Wind Farm. Scottish and Southern Energy is to build 152 turbines for the Clyde Wind Farm near Abington in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

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Claim of 400% more power for your dollar is quite amazing if correct

Pavilion declares that its wind turbines increase performance by 400% (From: Renewable Energy Magazine)

One of the keys to the project is the turbine, which is based on the proprietary wind accelerating technology invented by Peter Sterling of Pavilion. According to the company, “These turbines generate 400% more turbine power per dollar of capital than existing technology”

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Storage of wind energy is the key to renewable success

Duke Energy Receives $22 Million Federal Grant for Wind Power Storage (From: PR Newswire)

"Energy storage truly has the potential to serve as a 'game-changer' when it comes to renewable power," said Wouter van Kempen, president of Duke Energy Generation Services, a Duke Energy unit that owns and develops renewable energy assets. "Through this project, Duke Energy intends to show that renewables can play an even bigger role in our country's energy future."

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Massive windpower investment in South Carolina

North Charleston gets turbine facility (From: Charleston Post and Courier)

The U.S. Energy Department said Monday that a site on the former Charleston Naval Base in North Charleston would become a test-bed for the world's largest offshore wind turbines, a move that lawmakers said may turn out to be a Boeing-size economic development prize.

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Tentec announce the launch of a major new range of bolt tensioning equipment (From: Tentec)

Saw a really nice story then realised who the very discreet sponsoring company were ( ) then thought this company really deserved some extra publicity.

Martha@24.11.2009 05:37 | Comments (0)

Nice piece on why wind is doing so well in the US and Canada

Wind Power Investments Grow in North America (From: Environmental Leader)

Wind energy projects are starting to take-off in North America based on several drivers including federal government incentives, angel funding and financial partnerships.

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Chinese windpower company on target to be in the top three by this time next year

China's biggest wind power producer aims for $2.2bn IPO (From: Business Green)

China Longyuan Power Group, the nation's largest wind power producer, has announced that it plans to raise up to HK$17.5bn (US$2.2bn, £1.3bn) through an IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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Erection of wind turbine causes border dispute

Boundary commission says surveyor’s line is correct (From: National Wind Watch)

Yesterday, the West Virginia Boundary Commission met in Charleston to discuss information and research it had collected about the Virginia-West Virginia boundary dispute.

millennium@23.11.2009 06:52 | Comments (0)

Seems the more that wind is developed the more engineering miracles we see taking place

Scottish invention promises power revolution (From: The Times)

A radical new design of electrical generator that solves an engineering quandary and promises to be cheaper, lighter and more reliable than anything currently available has been unveiled by scientists at the University of Edinburgh.

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Pssst! Wanna learn about windpower? Now Vestas have opened up their online class!

Largest Wind Turbine Company to Provide Free Wind Energy Training Online (From: My Green Education)

As the world’s largest producer of wind turbines, Vestas has decided to make it as simple and easy as possible for pupils, students, teachers, and others to learn about wind power and the energy challenges facing the world. To this end,Vestas has announced plans to make its award winning e-learning programme freely available.

Martha@23.11.2009 02:29 | Comments (0)

Interesting twist on 'wind is bad' idea.

Wind power will make Britain the dirty old man of Europe (From: Daily Telegraph)

Onshore wind as an energy source is expensive, unreliable and will scar the landscape

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Successful meeting brings together 60 windpower execs

Offshore Business Meeting and Conference (From: Offshore Center Danmark)

Offshore Center Danmark hosted November 17th the Offshore Wind Business2Business Event 2009 in Esbjerg, Denmark. 60 participants from companies and organisations from Germany, The United Kingdom, France, USA and Denmark participated in order to exchange business cards and discuss future projects and ideas within the offshore wind sector with potential business partners and sub suppliers.

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Aussie aborigines look to windpower

Aboriginal community gets wind power (From: ABC News (Australia))

An Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory has installed what is thought to be one of the most remote wind turbines in Australia.

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